Big Rocks Long Props Vol 5 - "High Country"

Big Rocks Long Props Vol 5 - "High Country"







After nearly 3 years, Big Rocks & Long Props Volume 5: High Country has been RELEASED!

This time Greg Miller configures Bushwhacker with multiple high definition cameras for some excellent footage in some very rugged terrain!

ORDER YOURS TODAY: Be the first of your friends to own the LATEST in the Big Rocks & Long Props collection. If you haven't yet made up your mind (how can you NOT?) then take a minute, turn up your volume, and enjoy the first trailer footage for Big Rocks and Long Props Volume 5: High Country!

Runtime; 50 minutes; DVD REGION: ALL - Watch anywhere in the world.

The Big Rocks & Long Props DVD series shows extreme off-airport flying and piloting operations by a highly skilled pilot, Greg Miller.

  He and Bushwacker have now produced SEVEN Big Rocks & Long Props titles, all of which can be purchased right here on our  Big Rocks & Long Props page! The Big Rocks & Long Props series began back in 2005 when Greg Miller takes you into Big Rock and Long Prop territory - rock bars (forget Gravel Bars!) and water landings - not on floats, but on tires!

  This groundbreaking DVD opened up the entire world of off-airport operations to many, starting a cult-like following for the Big Rocks & Long Props video sets.

  You can get all yours here at


  1. Review by larryoverstreet

    What a fun video to watch! I fly original J3 Cubs, so I am not unfamiliar with a short field landing. But this is really amazing! Extremely short landings, takeoffs, etc. on water (no floats, just 35" tires!), sand/gravel bars, ridges, and mountaintops! Skilled piloting, great photography. Inspiring to think about the precision that Greg is flying with. Even though it's "Kids, don't try this at home", there was a lot for me to take away, consider, and try - in much more hospitable terrain, of course!

  2. Review by kitfox5

    Volume 5 is unique in that it is an adventure that we are all invited to come along on. It gives us a look at that day dream trip that we all intend on making one of these days. Airplane camping in the middle of beautiful scenery in the backcountry is what all of us dream about doing. In volume 5 we are not really seeing Greg do anything new, or are we? Maybe some of us are not realizing the fact that High Country isn't just the title, but the true nature of the new material we are seeing. The true skill that we are witnessing in Volume 5 is adapting his techniques and judgment to a new environment where performance is everything. High altitude, as we all know, greatly effects engine and aircraft performance, translating into quite a different situation during take off and landing. The challenge of finding the limitations of Bushwacker under new conditions is the adventure. Greg's real gift is sharing his thoughts that lead up to his decision making process, whether those decisions were good or bad. His honesty about a poor decision, I think, shared more about the complexities of high altitude off airport operations than just a narrative of a landing area. The other new exposure is in the filming. Lots of amazing angles and interesting perspectives that we haven't seen in the series. I first watched it on an older TV and enjoyed the different camera angles, but it wasn't until I re-watched it on a high def TV that I could really appreciate the quality of the cameras that were used. The scenery was spectacular. It will make you want to head for the Owyhee.


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