Damian DelGaizo's Tailwheel 101

Damian DelGaizo's Tailwheel 101







Flying low, slow, in the bush or even inverted all start with the tailwheel endorsement.Tailwheel 101 will teach you through quality tailwheel instruction and clear high definition video exactly
what is needed to achieve that amazingly fun taildragger endorsement! Damian DelGaizo will guide you alongwith his student Jill through the whole process of tailwheel transition in this wonderful
DVD, the first of the series, in Tailwheel 101 !

No where will you find more clear DVD instruction, clear examples, and excellent video production quality that you can understand and use in your own training.
Watch the video preview:

Once you've mastered the skills taught to you in Tailwheel 101, you can take on more advanced skills and learn complex slips, slips in the flare, and off-airport landings in Tailwheel 201!


  1. Review by W88

    Tailwheel 101 was a great instructional video for someone just starting out in their TW trainnig. I am a busy professional who must do a lot of ground school on my own before making my way over to the airport. Although my flight instructor is great, it really helped to watch this video before my first flight, so that I came ready to ask more specific and detailed questions during OUR first few ground school sessions and flights together. I appreciate the simple, straight-forward approach and continue to watch portions of this video the night before an instructional flight. I would definitely recommend this DVD to a tailwheel student. The problem is, it makes me want to buy a super-cub on tundra tires, which I cannot afford.

  2. Review by MikeQ

    I bought this DVD on the recommendation of a CFI before starting my tailwheel training. Good information for someone with zero tailwheel experience.

  3. Review by Mike Hart

    I picked this video up after getting my tailwheel endorsement. It was still an excellent resource. The video is well shot and the instruction is VERY good. Listent to a longer review of the video on episode 37 of the Pilot's Journey Podcast.


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