LED Cockpit Lighting System, Digital Dimmer, up to 15ft, 2.5 Amps & ONLY 6 ounces!

LED Cockpit Lighting System, Digital Dimmer, up to 15ft, 2.5 Amps & ONLY 6 ounces!




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The simplest and best priced LED cockpit lighting and interior lighting system on the market - the CRAZEDpilot LED Cockpit Lighting System includes over 15 feet of adhesive-backed flexible LED light strip (AVAILABLE IN PURE WHITE, RED, AND BLUE!) Can be trimmed to any length (or multiple separate lengths, read on!) The system also contains a digital dimmer control with black panel-mount knob, and detailed installation instructions and clear wiring diagram. Weighs ONLY 6 ounces installed with all 15 ft! (Typical installation of 5.5ft is only 2.5 oz!)  The digital dimmer control uses pulse technology to prevent heat generation and current draw commonly found in inferior designs. Less that 1amp current draw at full brightness (for tyical 5.5ft install)! When using all 15ft, only 3 amps! This light system does not generate bulb heat - you will never get burned or melt anything! WATCH THIS VIDEO REVIEWING THE PRODUCT:

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This interior lighting system is very easy to install - trim the light strips to the desired length at 2 inch intervals, wire as shown in the instructions, and light will not only glow softly on your instrument panel but can be turned up bright enough to illuminate clear to the flap controls or the floorboards to find that chart you dropped!Some customers even cut their Cockpit Lighting Systems into multiple small segments, and run wires to each, giving single-knob control over lights placed all over the inside of the aircraft! One CRAZEDpilot dimmer controller can control up to 25 feet of light strip.The LED light strips are 8mm wide by 3mm thick made using flexible PC-board technology - with a clear vinyl coating over a black background, these light strips nearly dissapear when not illuminated. The strips are capable of curves and countours of a 2 inch radius, which will fit nicely into the corner of your glare shield or custom panel (see photographs on this page). The 3M adhesive backed light strips bond and stay bonded once placed permanently.The controller is driven from your 12v DC battery. Have a 24 volt system? No problem! 24v aircraft can utilize our own 12volt stepdown transformer CLICK HERE TO ORDER IT TOO!).If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask by using the Contact us page! Thank you for your purchase of the new Cockpit Lighting System by CRAZEDpilot !

  NOTE: For experimental aircraft only.



These lights are intended to be a low-cost alternative to bring additional lighting into your interior. Do not rely on these as your sole source of light after civil twilight as they do not meet the entire requirements of FAR 91.205 for night time operations on their own. By installing these lights you are agreeing to release all liability against CRAZEDpilot, it's staff and representatives, for the use or mounting of these lights and it's effect on your flight or it's effects on the flight characteristics of your aircraft after installation. Not for use on certificated aircraft. This product to be used for lighting controls only. As the pilot in command you are accepting all responsibility for the safety of your aircraft, those onboard, and persons or property on the ground. CRAZEDpilot makes no representations of warranties, either expressed or implied, by or concerning any content of these written materials and in no event shall be liable for any implied warranty for any consequential, incidental or indirect damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business profits or business interruption) arising from the use or inability to use these written materials or equipment.


  1. Works well Review by wdmac50

    Installed it in my CAW Mermaid. Fills in all the dark spots in my cockpit very well. Straightforward installation.

  2. Review by Skybo1

    I couldn't have asked for a better set-up for my Long Eze. I used a 1/2"X1/2"X1/16' aluminum angle and with the use of my shrinker formed it to the curve of my canopy. It was then epoxied in place and after 24 hrs cleaned the front side and attached the light strip. Am using only 19" of the LED strip and that gives plenty of light. Very glad for the dimmer switch also as on full bright I'm afraid that it would be too much at night. Installation was easy but I would suggest that the light strip comes with a two (2) wire pig tail on one end of the strip as I found it a challenge to make the tinning without a cross connection. I did it as many others have but it would be a lot easier if that step were to be eliminated. Even with that said, I really like the kit and have passed the word around.<img src="" alt="Cockpit Lighting in RED " />

  3. Review by Greg

    Got there lighting kit installed and all is great, haven't flown yet but won't be long!!Quality kit with plenty of light!! Dimmer makes it perfect!!

  4. Review by Bruce

    Works great I love my new LED system.I can now see my lower toggle switches much better when flying at night whats more is that I also have nonglare lighting for the floor too!

  5. Review by Anti

    This is as beautiful as any Airbus cockpit I have worked on!

  6. Review by rgarner

    I used it in flight for the first time last week---very early morning before the sun. As for performance, all worked well and the lighting was effective and efficient. NOTE: was run on a 24v system using CRAZEDpilot's own 24v to 12v stepdown transformer available by clicking here ----> <a HREF="" rel="nofollow"><B>CRAZEDpilot AIRCRAFT GEAR</B></A>


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