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How to CORRECTLY Install Gel Ear Seals on an Aviation Headset: Two-Handed Process - for David Clark, ASA, Rugged, and all others!

Posted by Brendan O'Mara

Ever found yourself like this: with your headset in one hand and the gel seal has completely come off? It’s a common problem. We’re going to show you how to fix that today.  You might even be replacing yours with a set of  CRAZEDpilot Gel Ear Seals, this technique is common among any of the David Clark headsets, Pilot USA headsets, ASA or Flightcom,  any of those headsets that have this same type of lip like this that mounts the gel seal.

So whether you’re replacing with a Crazed Pilot gel seal or not, this technique always works for any brand of aviation headset, so long as it has this type of hard plastic lip, which will mount to the gel seal. Check out the video below, or follow the step by step directions below!

  • Start at the top of the ear cup. Hook the gel seal over lip at the top of the headset, and pull it gently but firmly into place. Continue to hold the top part of the gel seal in place with your bottom-hand index finger.

  • Continue to hold the ear seal in place with the index finger of your bottom hand. With the top hand, run your index finger along the underside of the gel seal and gently pull up and towards you. Keep walking your finger downward to hook the gel seal over that hard plastic lip. Get as much of it attached as you can.
  • Once you’ve attached one side of the gel seal, flip the headset over in your hands and repeat the process on the other side. Hold the gel seal in place with your bottom hand. Run the index finger of your top hand along the inside of the gel seal to gently tug it up and onto the plastic lip of the ear cup. You should hear a “snap” as it clicks into place.

  • Once it’s on securely, grasp the gel seal and gently twist to line it up vertically.

I hope you found this post valuable, you can watch the entire process on video at the link above!  If you need a pair of  Gel Ear Seals or other headset parts, please click HEADSET GEAR at the top of the screen.  

Fly safe!

Co-Founder, Inc.