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Redline "Sidewinder" Electric Aircraft Tug - review by STAFF

Posted by Brendan O'Mara

Hi everyone!

I'm Brendan from where we specialize in aircraft and pilot gear. Today, We are going to be reviewing the best tug that’s ever been made for larger aircraft, the “Sidewinder” Electric aircraft tug made by Redline.

This airplane tug from Redline is very impressive from every design perspective, and it is certainly worth reviewing and showing you how it works. See how simple it is to work this product in our newest video below.

The tug is so small when collapsed that it will easily fit in your nose baggage compartment. This is a real lifesaver for those times when you’re out on the ramp and realize that you’re going to need to push your heavy plane all the way down the ramp to get fuel.

All the sprockets here on the Sidewinder aircraft tug are anodized which is great. To collapse the product, the arm simply swings down toward the tire of the plane and can then be tightened into position. Then, release the tire pressure with another lever and gently slide the machine out from the tire.

With Redline’s Sidewinder, you can carry your entire tug system with just one hand and can fly with it anywhere you plan to go. The tug is battery operated and runs on a 28-volt rechargeable battery from Milwaukee. If you need, you can definitely buy a back-up battery but we’ve never needed one ourselves.

We’ve flown clear across the United States, carrying this tug with us in the nose of our Piper Saratoga II HP, and we never used the full battery life! This is an awesome, awesome product, and we highly recommend!

We want to send a big thanks to Redline for constructing such an excellent product, and we hope you’ll consider buying one as well.  It work with Piper Saratogas, Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, Mooney aircraft, Cessnas, you name it!

You can also visit our website at for your pilot accessories and aircraft gear. Take care and thanks for reading, check out more useful blogposts on our website and helpful videos on our YouTube channel!

Fly safe!

-Brendan, Inc.
Aircraft & Pilot Gear