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Why Tailwheel Aircraft are hard to fly but totally worth it!

In this article we will focus on why some pilots find tailwheel aircrafts hard to fly and why flying tailwheel aircrafts is totally worth the effort.  Let’s begin with the reasons why some pilots have the notion that tailwheel aircrafts are difficult to learn. The illusive taildragger?  The belief that tailwheel planes are hard to fly [...]

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Quick Guide to Selecting a Student Pilot Headset

One of the first pieces of equipment that a student pilot usually buys is an aviation headset. Any veteran pilot would eagerly share his opinion on such. However, after spending about $5,000-9,000 in pilot school fees, most student pilots wouldn’t have the budget for a top of the line aviation headset. Of course everyone wants [...]

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Amazing Short Takeoffs and Landings with Greg Miller

Most of the pilots nowadays avoid the possibility of landing in a short strip of land. However, this does not hold true to Northwest bush pilot Greg Miller. He is considered as a pro of STOL (short takeoff & landing) flying technique and has started documenting his flying skills on video and preaching his technique.Greg’s videos [...]

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Alaskan Bushwheel Airstreak Tires: A Review

(Please enjoy the following article from CRAZEDpilot.com – WHILE YOU’RE HERE please browse our website for all your aircraft parts and pilot accessories needs!) Today we are discussing Alaskan Bushwheel’s Airstreak Tires. We got a set of 26″, mounted them and tested them here at CRAZEDpilot.  It’s been one of the best investments we ever made. We’ve tried [...]

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The Best of Bushflying with Loni Habersetzer

Loni Habersetzer is a well known bushflying pilot with more than 10,000 bushflying hours and 23,000 off airport take offs and landings to his credit.  With a gentle and easy going nature,  his wire- rimmed glasses belie his passion and expertise  in flying. He  flies a Supercub and practically grew up in one. Born in [...]

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Interview with Greg Miller owner of Bushwacker - greatest bush flying DVD producer of all time!

CRAZEDpilot.com co-founders had a chance recently to sit down with Greg Miller and learn more about this quiet yet highly experienced bush pilot.  He's the owner of Bushwacker, an extreme bush plane known worldwide for it's (and Greg's) flying skills in and out of serious off-airport conditions.  Please enjoy the question/answer session we had with [...]

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Tailwheel training DVDs as a learning aid

For years people have been using DVD’s as a method of learning new information.  Using DVD’s for tailwheel training is no different.  With the latest high definition video and audio, there’s lot to learn and absorb in the comfort of your own home.  The art of tailwheel operations can be much simpler to learn when proper [...]

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Big Rocks & Long Props 300ft Grass Airstrip by producer Greg Miller

Here is an awesome video clip just released by Big Rocks & Long Props producer Greg Miller as he flies from his home airstrip in Washington State. It's a serious location, tailwheel pilots and off airport pilots would have to be extremely capable, with just the right tundra equipped aircraft to pull this off. Greg [...]

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