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Kitfox 5 Bush Plane for Sale in Oregon

Posted by Brendan OMara

SOLD! Kitfox Model 5 Performance Bush Plane


This is one awesome plane!  Well maintained with a TON of add-ons like a FULL FEATHERING ELECTRIC CONSTANT SPEED PROP!  If you want a turn-key bushplane that's equipped for serious performance, this is it!  When lightly loaded, can takeoff in 120ft, and land in 150ft all day long.  Capable of 1550 max gross, so you can take 120lbs of camping gear in the back along with a fullsize passenger AND fuel to get to your camp site with no problem.  Lands at roughly 45mph, with the tire pressure set right you can stop on a dime yet can cruise at 115mph easily even with the big tundras!  This is Supercub performance, at half the price that you can maintain yourself as an Experimental class aircraft!

Kitfox Model 5 built in Oregon
Constant Speed Electric prop hub by Airmaster model AP430
(nearly $10k upgrade, CLICK HERE for more details).
Rotax 912 ULS 100hp with all updates complete
NEW High Performance STOL prop by Whirlwind ($1200)
MGL EFIS / Engine Monitor System w/dig compass, fuel flow, GPS, windspeed calc (roughly $3000)
26"" Alaskan Bushwheel Tires ($2200 in tires, like new)
12"" Dual fork bush tailwheel by Matco ($400)
Traffic Avoidance via Garmin GDL39 3D ($899)
Garmin Aera 550 GPS flush installed (removable) with integrated music to cockpit ($999)
FRESH ANNUAL, next annual due Jan 1, 2016 !!f
120v Oil Preheater
Electric Trim w/adjustable speed controller
Adjustable length foot pedals
Full dual controls and brakes
432 total hours airframe and engine

3 position flaps for amazing landing performance
Paint Condition: 9/10
Interior Condition: 9/10

FOLDING WING DESIGN allows you to load it on a trailer and tow it home in any weather or if you do not yet have your tailwheel endorsement!  This TRULY only takes 10 minutes maximum.

The EFIS/EMS (Engine Monitor System) truly helps you fly with confidence while it monitors all cylinder head temps, EGT temps for all cylinders, fuel totalizer to remind you if you're running into your reserves along with an additional fuel float monitor in the header tank in the event of tank exhaustion, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, and outside temp monitors.  The EFIS with it's integrated compass acts as the backup ASI, DG, and can even calculate windspeed and direction.

Located in Oregon, and flown almost exclusively from grass so the 26"" Alaskan Bush Wheels purchased just a couple years ago are like absolutely brand new.

If you are looking for a TURNKEY Bush Plane that's an excellent performer that can take two people and all your gear into the backcountry strips this is it!  Already equipped for the job, just ready for a new owner!  Why am I selling my first love? well I have upgraded to a bigger plane to haul all of the famliy now that my family is growing.    If I could justify it, I'd have both planes!