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Amazing Short Takeoffs and Landings with Greg Miller

Posted by Brendan OMara

Most of the pilots nowadays avoid the possibility of landing in a short strip of land. However, this does not hold true to Northwest bush pilot Greg Miller. He is considered as a pro of STOL (short takeoff & landing) flying technique and has started documenting his flying skills on video and preaching his technique.

Greg’s videos will surely amaze the pilot in you with his STOL landing tactics while taking you further from the scenic river valleys of the Idaho Backcountry to the rugged wilderness of Alaska. After all, the finest pilots of the world are honed by inhospitable circumstances.

Volume 1 – Big Rocks & Long Props (released September 2005)

The video that started it all – Imagine cruising through a stretch of 200 feet of rocks, but it’s not you who’s cruising, it’s your airplane! Greg Miller shows how to land and take off in these treacherous landing sites, which also includes tips on how to do water landings.

Volume 2 – Waterplay (released 2006)

This DVD further explores the techniques of hydroplaning on tundra tires, allowing light planes to glide through      water surface to aid in bleeding off airspeed. Bonus sections include how to do field repair and a video of the 2006  STOL Competition (Bush Class) at the city of Valdez, Alaska.

Volume 3 – On Ice! (released 2008)

Land on skis just about anywhere! In this DVD, Greg Miller demonstrates the art of ski-flying together with the famous bush pilot Paul Claus. The video is shot at the majestic and challenging mountains of Alaska, while a bonus video of the 2007 STOL Competition (still shot at Valdez) shows off the best performances of its competing pilots.

Volume 4 – Alaskan Adventure (released winter of 2008)

After learning from Paul during his Vol. 3 On Ice! Adventure, Greg finally took his knowledge and guts to the test by flying his Bushwacker to Alaska and combining his skills on taking off and landing on snow, rock and water. Shot on the same location as Vol. 3 On Ice!, Greg finally joins up with Paul and some of his friends for more adventures.

Volume 5 – High Country (released 2012)

The latest of Greg Miller’s installment of videos, he finally used a highly modified Maul and employed advanced cinematography by mounting NflightCams in different points around the aircraft to provide viewers with unique vantage points of the beautiful scenery but notorious Idaho Backcountry airstrips such as Dewey Moore, Vines and more.

All of these great DVDs for Greg Miller’s videos are all available at Bush flying DVD category!