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Quick Guide to Selecting a Student Pilot Headset

Posted by Brendan OMara

One of the first pieces of equipment that a student pilot usually buys is an aviation headset. Any veteran pilot would eagerly share his opinion on such. However, after spending about $5,000-9,000 in pilot school fees, most student pilots wouldn’t have the budget for a top of the line aviation headset. Of course everyone wants the flashy sports car over the SUV, so to speak, but is it within your means at the moment? What you would want is the right fit for you and your budget— the perfect student pilot headset!

There are numerous choices, but that one headset that doesn’t sacrifice quality over price is what you would want. What features should a student pilot headset have? Here are some that you need to look out for.

♦ Considering that you are looking for an aviation headset that is cost effective, aviation headsets with the traditional passive noise control will be sufficient for your needs. There’s a newer technology called ANC or Active Noise Cancellation and is quite better than passive noise control however, as a student pilot on a budget this might be a bit too much.

♦ Next, one of your main concerns would be how much noise your headset could reduce. Somewhere along the lines of 24 db (decibels) is acceptable.

♦ Communication is one of the vital aspects in flying a plane, and you would want a good microphone with noise cancellation too. You wouldn’t want background noises cluttering your transmissions, do you? Everything has to be in tip top shape including the microphone.

♦ Gel Seals earseals and headpads that help in noise cancellation and help promote comfort respectively would suffice to what you need as a student pilot.

♦ Stereo Headset - Make sure even for a student, you deserve stereo headphones as that is now the future of aviation headsets.  New model intercoms allow for dual-radio listening features now where one radio is prominent in one ear or the other - make sure you're equipping yourself NOW for the future.

With all of these features considered, we go down to the budget. Is there a student pilot headset available out there that would cost less than $100?  For this specific market we have developed the CrazedPilot CP-1 Aviation Headset which includes ALL of the features described above in one great package.

The CrazedPilot CP-1 Aviation Headset is just about the perfect match for you. With all the features mentioned above, you can have that aviation headset within your budget. For only $85 you get what you need plus a few more perks such as a flexible mic boom with knurled lock and a one year warranty! Now that you found the aviation headset you need, you could start your flying lessons with your very own student pilot headset. All these important features for an aviation headset, the CrazedPilot CP-1 Aviation Headset is quite a steal! 

One of the most affordable in the market if not the most, the CP-1 Aviation Headset definitely does not sacrifice quality over price, if you need the basics and if you’re on a budget. Now that you got all your gear ready, and your very own student pilot headset, nothing left to do but to get ready for the lessons you’ve always wanted!

Happy Flying!