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Tailwheel training DVDs as a learning aid

Posted by Brendan OMara

For years people have been using DVD’s as a method of learning new information.  Using DVD’s for tailwheel training is no different.  With the latest high definition video and audio, there’s lot to learn and absorb in the comfort of your own home.  The art of tailwheel operations can be much simpler to learn when proper technique is demonstrated visually, learn by example, and then implemented correctly.

The tailwheel training DVD’s available through are the highest quality tailwheel training materials available today.  It does not matter whether you are just starting tailwheel, or a seasoned veteran, there’s a video correct for you.

If you’re just getting started we recommend Damian DelGaizo’s Tailwheel 101. This does a wonderful overview of beginner operations for the tailwheel, plus a few insights even for experts.  Unlike most training DVD’s, Damian outlines the expectations and gives clear instruction in this video.  With the in cockpit audio, it’s clear what Damian is expecting throughout the entire length of the training DVD.  Basic tailwheel handling and safe operations are easy to understand and later implement in your own training thanks to this DVD.

Another option to consider in tailwheel training DVD’s is the Damian DelGaizo’s Ski Flying 101 where Damian demonstrates correct handling procedures for ski operations.  If you are interested in ski flight or would like to improve your techniques operating on skis, this video is an excellent opportunity to see them in action.  Damian teaches you the ins and outs of safe ski ops including testing the snow, operational on ice, and even how to dig out.  This is an entertaining and informational look into ski flying.

If you're a pro taildragger but still want to learn some advanced shortfield and see a professional demonstrate how to hone your skills, don't miss with the last in the series, Damian DelGaizo's Tailwheel 201, an excellent watch for everyone!  Funny too!

We hope this short summary of tailwheel training DVD’s has helped you choose which product will be most suitable for your needs.  Thank you again for visiting us here at!