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The Best of Bushflying with Loni Habersetzer

Posted by Brendan OMara

Loni Habersetzer is a well known bushflying pilot with more than 10,000 bushflying hours and 23,000 off airport take offs and landings to his credit.  With a gentle and easy going nature,  his wire- rimmed glasses belie his passion and expertise  in flying. He  flies a Supercub and practically grew up in one. Born in Vancouver, Washington,  Loni, during his teenage years worked for his father’s electrical contracting business and during weekends he logged in flying hours on his father’s SuperCub. He started off professionally as a guide for an Alaskan Hunting Lodge and continued to log in more flying hours which included off airport landings and take offs. Honing his skills and improving his technique, he eventually grew popular for his expertise in bushflying and off airport take offs and landings.  At the moment he offers bushflying training to pilots who own their own Supercub planes and is well known for this. Like his friend Greg Miller, Loni came out with DVDs detailing his experience as a bushflying pilot. Although not instructional in nature, you would surely be in awe with the many wonderful scenic spots he has flown his SuperCub to and not to mention his amazing take offs and landings.

 Cubdriver: Alaska

This DVD is divided into four parts: (1) Part 1 is the Alaskan Adventure – with guests Mark Denny and Alec join Loni Habersetzer in Alaska’s Infamous Mulchatna region & (2) Techniques and Training – Join our guest Shaun Lunt as he masters the Cubdriver 749er bush pilot training course conducted by Loni. (3) Part 2 of the Alaskan Adventure – The adventure continues as before but this time Shaun joins Loni and Alec to learn more techniques and off airport experience with bigger rocks and off-airport obstacles located deep in the SW Alaska summits of the Western Alaska Range to the sores of the Bering Sea. (4) Glacier Madness – Loni Habersetzer and Alec test their skills on the glaciers of Southwest Alaska in this thrill-a-minute glacier action video sequence.

This DVD boasts of breathtaking scenery & interesting flying. There’s a little bit of an instructional part in it too and if you’re a big Supercub fan, this is definitely the film you need to watch! And look out for the part near the end where Loni and Alec “dance with the glaciers”. It’s definitely going to pique your interest in bushflying and Supercubs!

Cubdriver: No Second Chances

Dubbed by many Supercub enthusiasts as an even better film that Loni’s first one (Cubdriver: Alaska). No Second Chances focuses on the finer and more detailed aspect of off airport take off and landings. Loni’s skills on these are put on the spotlight and on the test in this DVD. And only someone who truly have had the experience can come up with these almost unbelievable feats. Shot on the  harsher terrains of the Alaskan Wild, No Second Chances will truly keep the novice and expert bushflying pilot on the edge of his seat.

Get your copies of Loni Habersetzer’s DVDs at and watch how it is to be a cubdriver!