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Pilot Headset 101

Posted by Brendan OMara

Communication is critical to our role as pilots.  Whether talking to tower or other aircraft, things tend to fall apart when there is inadequate performance or equipment fails.  A high noise airplane is not the best location for clear communication.

Fortunately David Clark & Lightspeed and others have developed impressive ways to cancel extra noise and provide clear communication for pilots.  Historically speaking it did not take much more than an elegant set of headphones and a microphone, connected by radio equipment, to provide a significant advancement and quality to the communication we have today.

David Clark and Lightspeed still deliver innovation and quality headset products for the present day aviator.  If you would like to explore these following products be sure to visit our pilot shop at to get the best products you need. Your life may depend upon your purchase, so now isn’t the moment to look for a cheaper manufacturer.